Rock Ignition was born in 2006, thanks to the passion of vocalist Heather Shockley ("We Will Rock You", "Jesus Christ Superstar", Kamelot) and bassist Jürgen Steinmetz (Silent Force, Sons of Seasons), and the dream of forming a band with musicians who share the same love and enthusiasm for hand-crafted music and for the legendary hard rock of the 80's.

In 2007 Rock Ignition signed a distribution deal with the label Rock Inc. and released their debut EP "I Can't Resist", produced by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), which received excellent response from magazines,webzines and radios all over the globe.The main goal of Rock Ignition is to share with their fans the same passion and enthusiasm and maximize it with a great and powerful live performance,in which they will discover: "The Greatest Hard Rock of the 21st Century"!!

Rock Ignition has already shared the stage with legendary bands like Uriah Heep, Jon Oliva, Mike Tramp or Axxis, toured Germany, Switzerland, Holland, opened the IV German Metal Meeting in the Netherlands and headlined the Aguirock Festival in Spain.

The band hast just released their 2nd EP "Innocent Thing" through the record company Sound Guerilla/DA Music.

Born: Mallorca (Spain)
Instrument: Vocals
Influences: Freddie Mercury, Toby Jepson, Russel Allen, Eric Martin, Tina Turner, Lee Aaron
Equipment: Beyerdynamic Wireless Microphone, Sennheiser In ear monitoring, Shure Headset

About: Heather put her first foot on a stage at the tender age of 8. That's where her career as a professional dancer started and continued all the way till now, dancing on well known theaters in Spain, Italy, Germany and USA, in musicals like "We Will Rock You" or "Jesus Christ Superstar", and performing live on television with famous german presenters such as Thomas Gottschalk or Stefan Raab. Her passion for music and singing was in any case always present in her life and at he age of 21 she started taking her first professional singing lessons. After singing with various cover bands, performing shows as guest singer with Pamela Falcon and with the american metal band Kamelot, she decided to follow her passion for the great hard rock of the 80's and founded at the beginning of 2006 (together with Jürgen Steinmetz) the band she had always dreamt of..Rock Ignition!

Contact Heather: heather(at)
Heather in the web
Born: Mosbach (Germany)
Instrument: Bass
Influences: Johann Sebastian Bach, Symphony X, Iron Maiden
Equipment: Sandberg California PM 5- String, Fender Precision Spec. Ed. 1994, Ampeg V4BH, Ampeg SVT-2, Ampeg SVT-810E

About: Jürgen's musical career started as a little child with the recorder and the children's choir. In the following years he became an active trumpet player and started playing the piano. His first rock band "Headstone", Jürgen founded in 1987. With Headstone he recorded his first long player, produced by Pink Cream's 69 bassist Dennis Ward, in 1996. Signed by "Noise Records" they released two more albums. During his days at the academy in Heidelberg Jurgen played in several musical productions. In 2000 Jürgen joined the band "Silent Force" and toured all over Europe, Japan , the U.S. while releasing four albums and he also recently joined the progressive metal band "Sons of Seasons" releasing the debut album through Napalm Records. Although he's been playing heavy metal for most of his career, Jürgen's heart beats really strongly for the hard rock of the 80's and founding Rock Ignition together with Heather was a dream come true.

Contact Juergen: juergen(at)
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Born: Krefeld (Germany)
Instrument: Guitar
Influences: Kee Marcelo, Paul Gilbert,John Norum
Equipment: Ibanez JEM guitar, Fender Strat guitar, Marshall & ADA amps, TC Electronic effects

About:Due the influence of Kee Marcello, Paul Gilbert and KISS, Fabian picked up the guitar at the age of 13. He founded his first band, played in the school's and other local bands, upon which the first local concerts followed. While going to school, Fabian was invited to join the female-fronted hardrock band Rock Ignition. With them he gained his first professional experiences and played shows all over Europe. Fabian joined the Pop/Rock/Funk band ACOUSTIC ROCKS, signed his first record deal and did tons of concerts including unplugged shows and festivals. After Fabian passed the A-Levels at school (just 3 hours after returning from a live concert in Italy), he graduated and became a professional musician. Fabian is involved in several recording sessions for other artists and publishers as well as performing a lot of live concerts. He gives professional guitar lessons and teaches at music schools (e.g. Yamaha Music School). Fabian got certified by the ACADEMY OF MUSIC in Hamburg.

Contact Fabian: fabian(at)
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Name: Siggi Grütz
Instrument: Drums
Influences: Angra, Kamelot
Equipment: Drumset: Pearl

About: Siggi started playing the drums back in 1991 and found really fast in which musical direction he wanted to go...Metal!
In 1994 he joined the cover band „Noxx“ and toured all over Germany sponsored by Lucky Strike. After that he played a couple of years with the band from Cologne „Jot Dobei“.
From 1997 till 2004 Siggi decided to teach at the CJD in Frechen and at the Voice Factoy.
In 2004 he joined the band „Underdog“ touring as support band for „Manfred Man's Earthband“ and till 2008 he also drummed for the power metal band „Wolfen“.
Siggi joined Rock Ignition in april 2012.

Contact Siggi: siggi(at)
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Born: Mechernich (Germany)
Instrument: Live Backing Vocals
Influences: Queen, Tina Turner, Toto, Ray Charles
Equipment: Shure Microphone, Sennheiser in ear monitoring

About: At the age of 8, Lara had already decided that she would spent her life on the stages of the world. With 13 she started her dancing education and continued with a university education at the age of 17.
With 19, the graduated dancer started her singing education, participating in numerous school internal and external productions.
What had started as a childhood dream was starting to take form and as her studies where finished, she started to get successfully booked as a dancer and singer, working nationally and internationally for various show productions and bands.
Lara is really happy to be a part of Rock Ignition now and enjoys rocking the stage with her long time friends Heather and Jürgen, living and lovin the rock of the 80s!

Contact Lara: lara(at)
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