14 June

The Loaf Festival

Eupen, Belgium

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Listen to some snippets of our brand new Cd "Innocent Thing"



May 23rd 2014

Jürgen and Heather play at The Loaf Festival
January 10th 2013

Thanx for voting everybody!
November 21st 2013

Vote for Rock Ignition and win our first unplugged video!
November 1st 2013

Pictures of our gig in Arnheim!
October 16th 2013

Rock Ignition live in the Netherlands with Delain
August 15th 2013

RI Interview on Hardline Magazine and "Tell Me" on the sampler!
July 20th 2013

Brand new interview with Heather on Metal Maidens!
July 2nd 2013

Great reviews for "Innocent Thing"!
June 12th 2013

Rock Ignition on the CD Compilation "Armed and Ready"!
May 24th 2013

Our brandnew Video "Tell Me" now online!
May 17th 2013

"Innocent Thing" out NOW!!!
May 2nd 2013

Teaser for the new EP!
April 22nd 2013

Second release party in Viersen!
April 17th 2013

Pre order "Innocent Thing" on our shop NOW!
April 8th 2013

Release Party with Mike Tramp!!
April 4th 2013

Last chance to buy our vouchers!
March 28th 2013

Release date of "Innocent Thing" confirmed!
March 24th 2013

New live Gigs!
March 13th 2013

Rock Ignition signs record deal!

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